Autoimmunity Sucks!
You don't want to be on expensive, Potentially Dangerous Drugs for the Rest of your Life!


-You’re newly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and your doctor told you your only option is to go on powerful immune suppressing drugs. You knew that couldn’t be true, and you’re looking for other options besides taking drugs for the rest of your life.

-Or you’ve been diagnosed with autoimmunity for a while, and have been on drugs. They’ve been working for you, but you’re wondering if there are any other options besides being on costly and potentially dangerous drugs forever.

-Or you were on drugs and they stopped working for you, and you’re not sure what to do next. Your doctor has their fingers crossed that other drugs might work for you, but you’re not sure. It’s a scary place to be.
If you’re like most people, you asked your doctor if there are any other options besides drugs or surgery for autoimmunity and they told you “no.” That didn’t sit right with you, so you began asking around and looking on the Internet for other options.

And found yourself trying to drink from a firehose!

So many different opinions and voices. One person saying this, and another saying that. It’s frustrating and confusing.

You don’t want to be your own doctor, you just want to feel better and get back to living an awesome life!

If that sounds like you, you are completely normal.


YOU Can Get Expert Guidance Distilled From Over a Decade Guiding People With Autoimmunity To Go From SICK to HEALTHY to THRIVING.  
What began as my journey to find help for my dad, has led me to over 10 years as a holistic and integrative doctor specializing in helping people with digestive issues and autoimmunity.

I've spent years in medical school, been in the trenches helping people for over a decade, and spent tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars learning this information, so you don't have to!

I've taken that experience and distilled it into this guide to help you.

The good news is there are options to help autoimmunity beyond simply taking medications.  

And in the Autoimmune Answer...

 I'll help you clear the confusion and understand what the holistic care of autoimmunity really looks like (it's not just changing your diet or taking some supplements).
 I'll also share with you the three mistakes that people seeking help for their autoimmunity make all the time.  These mistakes cost people time, money, and energy, and often leave them spinning their wheels, more frustrated, confused, helpless, and hopeless than before they started.***
 I'm also going to share with you three common mistakes that many health practitioners are making as they work to help people with autoimmunity. Mistakes that often keep people from getting the results they want – moving from SICK to HEALTHY to THRIVING.
 You'll understanding what real, holistic care looks like and whether it's the right approach for you.  
 You'll know the 3 mistakes you need to avoid so you don't waste your time, your money, or your energy looking for solutions that aren't going to help you.  
 And you'll know the 3 mistakes many health practitioners are making so you can spot them and make sure they aren't holding you back from living the life you deserve to live. 
 Plus, you'll get a quickstart guide of steps you can take to start holistically improving your autoimmunity.
 And so much more!
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Dr. Tim Gerstmar
P.S. : I believe in this book so much, that I offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If you read the book, and for any reason you don't feel it was worth your investment, just email me, and I'll refund 100% of your money!
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